Water Coming from the ground?


Is Water Seeping From The Ground? It can be confusing to people as it could be either a water main or a faulty drain. Call your local council to check your water main first.

Blocked Drain - Shared Drains?

Blocked Drain? Sometimes a Blockage may not be your responsibility, Call your local council to estabilsh if the blackage is on or off your propety. Shared Drains?If your drains are shared with your neighbour you will both be responsible if the blockage is on the private sewer serving both properties, Many customers share the cost.

Problems With Neighbours Drains

You can contact the enviromental health to help get either your neighbours or the local council to comply with your needs. They can subit an order for the drains or sewers to be cleaned within a specific time period. The Land Drainage Act 1991 places responsibility for maintaining flows in watercourses on landowners. Under the Act it gives the Council the power to serve a notice on landowners to ensure works are carried out to maintain flow of watercourses. If you would like advice complete the service request form and send the details to us.